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Credit Card Processing

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Our Credit Card Processing Approach

Accepting credit card and eCheck payments is easy. ABC Signup will interface with your merchant (bank) account, allowing you to receive your funds without delay. Unlike some providers, ABC Signup does not hold your money and filter your transactions through our bank account, nor do we tack on additional fees to the service. With ABC Signup, your money is passed directly to your bank account, eliminating additional costs, reconciliation issues and delays.

If you do not already have a merchant account, we have partnerships with institutions that can have you set up quickly and with very competitive rates. All transactions are secured by 256-bit encryption. For added security, credit card information is not stored within ABC Signup. To learn more, please contact us.

Here's what a typical credit card process looks like:

simple schematic of credit card payment process



Overview of partner payment gateways

Credit card payments made online are “card not present” transactions because the actual card isn’t being swiped. If you plan to accept payments with your online registration process, you’ll need a payment gateway in addition to your merchant account. The gateway verifies the credit card number, communicating with the payment processor and the credit card issuer. The merchant account is like a holding tank for the money paid to you before it’s deposited in your checking account. Some payment gateways are packaged with a merchant account so that you only have one setup process. If you already have a merchant account, some companies will provide a gateway only, which can communicate with the processor that works with your account.

Some of the more common gateways used with online registration are:, the largest gateway in terms of customers, can be a quick solution for organizations that already have a merchant account. has traditionally focused on small to medium-sized organizations, or those that don’t have a high volume of transactions each year. If you do not have a merchant account, can also help you set up one with one of its partners.

What you need to know: is a fully-integrated gateway, which means persons can’t complete the registration process until payment is verified. You would pay a monthly fee, as well as a transaction fee, in addition to any fees subtracted by the merchant services provider.

PayPal Payflow Gateway is one of several PayPal payment products. Like, Payflow Gateway is designed for organizations that already have a merchant account. However, PayPal will not help you set up a merchant account with an outside merchant services provider to work with Payflow Gateway. Instead, PayPal will recommend another of its products that doesn’t require a separate gateway.

What you need to know: Like, Payflow Gateway can fully integrate with the online registration process, so that registrants are not confirmed until they successfully complete payment. Payflow Gateway charges setup, monthly service, and transaction fees. It may be more cost-effective than if your volume reaches a certain level.

PayPal Payment Standard is a combination gateway and merchant account. It is not fully integrated with the registration process like or Payflow Gateway. When a registrant completes sign-up, they are taken to the PayPal site to complete payment. Payment Standard, which can be set up in a matter of minutes, may be a good alternative for small, one-time events in which the payment process will only be active for a short time.

What you need to know:  Payment Standard does not require any setup or ongoing fees. PayPal will deduct its percentage from each transaction before depositing the proceeds in your checking account.

Touchnet is a commerce solution used by hundreds of colleges and universities. It connects an institution’s business applications to payment processors and banks through the online payment process. Among its services is a payment gateway.

What you need to know:  If your college is already using Touchnet, you may be required to use the program’s gateway tool.

Cybersource, the second largest gateway, owns and is owned by Visa. It has traditionally focused on larger businesses, though not exclusively. Whereas focuses on setting up payment gateways only, Cybersource offers other services, such as risk management features, to protect merchants who do online business.

What you need to know: If your organization needs financial protection services beyond simply a payment gateway, Cybersource may be worth consideration.

Elavon was formed by the merger of NOVA Information Systems and euroConex, and today counts more than 1 million merchants as customers trusting the company to to efficiently and securely manage their payments business. 

Vanco Services claims more than 19,000 customers in a variety of industries. More than half of those are religious, education and other non-profit organizations that use Vanco’s merchant services solution to accept payments from donors.  

What you need to know: If, in addition to online registration, your non-profit organization wants to accept recurring payments and donations online, Vanco has significant experience working with similar customers.

Skipjack, like, works with both large and small companies that need gateway services. Skipjack emphasizes its data security services, and has developed its own encryption technology. According to its website, “each transaction carries its own key enfolded within it. This means that, in the unlikely event that one transaction is compromised, the information gained cannot be used to compromise another transaction, since each key is unique to each transaction.”

What you need to know: Consider Skipjack if your organization seeks an alternative comparable to


Our Payment Partners include:

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