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Chris, St. Luke's Episcopal Health System

Diocese of New Jersey

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Professional system pays dividends

The Diocese of New Jersey encompasses 155 congregations, 375 clergy and 50,000 members. It sponsors numerous events each year, from workshops and spiritual retreats to its annual convention. The number of participants ranges from a dozen to 800, with most events supporting 100 or fewer registrants.

Prior to ABC Signup, the Diocese tried to manage registrations for these programs through several departments with incongruent “manual” processes involving paper mailings, payments by check, phone calls, spreadsheets and so on. It was a haphazard system that was neither convenient nor effective, says Canon Kep Short, the Diocese’s Director of Youth Ministry.

A convenient solution that works for everyone

Fast-forward to 2007, when the Diocese first partnered with ABC Signup to consolidate, modernize and dramatically improve its registration management process.

Now, one system handles multiple events. Registrants enter their own data, correspondence such as confirmations and reminders is automated, and multiple layers of administrative access allow one person to create events while another checks financial reports. The database-driven system cuts errors, reduces man hours and augments the customer experience by presenting a professional, accessible and user-friendly interface.

Says Short, “We are better able to serve our clients by allowing the convenience of getting online at home in their pajamas and spending two minutes filling out a registration and being done with it.”

And makes the boss happy

While the decision for a faith-based organization to spend money on a registration system took a slight leap of faith, it was well worth it, according to Short.

“We probably make money with the system,” he said. “The cost of registrations through ABC is more than offset by the time saved in terms of human capital, as well as the paper saved, postage saved and value of the image we put forth to our clients.”

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