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"Not only is the product itself easy to understand and use, but the support you have provided to me has been invaluable."
Chris, St. Luke's Episcopal Health System

Educational Cooperatives

Client profile: 
Educational support organizations use ABC Signup to facilitate professional development, educational workshops and other events for administrators, teachers, parents and residents of member schools/districts.

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"It is wonderful as it allows me to keep very accurate records, reflect the correct attendance, print Excel sheets for participants to sign up and so much more. Our curriculum coordinators are very pleased with what ABC Signup allows me to provide them (we work with 15 school districts).  
Anne, Piedmont Triad Education Consortium

"If you look at the amount of money it cost us to have ABC Signup, it's equivalent to four days of salary for us. We were spending much, much more time than that on the process before ABC Signup."
Sarah, Lincoln-Way Area Special Education District

Case Study: 
Northwest Indiana Education Service Center

Educational co-op seeks registration solution
The Northwest Indiana Education Service Center (NWIESC) represents about 8,000 teachers, 25 public school districts, a dozen charter schools, 10 private schools and 96,000 students. Annually, it coordinates more than 70 workshops, meetings, networking sessions and job fairs that serve approximately 4,000 participants.

Before finding its registration "match" in ABC Signup, NWIESC did everything related to event administration "by hand" entering data from phone calls, faxes, e-mails and other sources into spreadsheets and Access databases, and then doing it over again for the next event.

Must be multi-talented, reliable, able to add value
With ABC Signup, NWIESC found a registration solution that streamlined the process, saving time and money. Events could be setup and broadcast to potential registrants in minutes, and easily copied over for the next scheduled program. Registrant tracking no longer needed to be done manually, and the NWIESC's constituents quickly learned exactly where to go to register for its programs.

Dr. Carrie Cate-Clements, NWIESC's Director of Professional Development, noted the ease of marketing events with ABC Signup. "It's nice to be able to send the link to the [event] calendar, along with a message to learn more about a particular workshop," she said. "The other beautiful part about it is that registrants might see other events on the calendar that they would like to attend, events they had no idea we were offering (resulting in additional registrations). It's brilliant marketing-wise because I don't have to have a lot of information to distribute I just send a link."

Job filled
When dealing with NWIESC's volume of registrants, it is essential to have a system that is reliable, accessible (ABC's web-based platform can be used from home, on a PDA, iPad, etc.), easy to use and backed by superior customer service. Carrie gives ABC Signup stellar grades on all of the above.

"As long as I already have a template, it's five minutes of my time (to post a new event). Printing out sign-in sheets and certificates is easy. The invoicing function is terrific. It's so wonderfully comprehensive and user friendly. It's so approachable. I don't know what I would do without it, honestly.”

Partial Customer List:
Eaton Intermediate School District

Intermediate School District #287

Ionia County Intermediate School District

Northwest Indiana ESC

Piedmont Triad Education Consortium

Region IX ESC

Wabash Valley ESC

Wilson ESC
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