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"The ABC Signup system is so user friendly that we felt comfortable using it after just one hour-long training session. ABC listened to our unique challenges and gave us solutions we never thought possible. There was a real effort to ensure that it was not just a cookie cutter system but one that provided the solutions we needed."  Tiffany, Medical Minds in Motion


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ABC Signup Making News

Training Software: Buy or Build?'s Technology Enabled Learning Excellence Essentials e-zine
October 2014, author, Mike Ogburn, ABC Signup

Perhaps the first and most difficult decision pertaining to technology for training is whether to buy software from a third party, or build it yourself. This article examines eight factors you need to consider when making the choice to buy or build. The concepts apply across various technologies, from registration software to learning management systems. More

Cloud Computing and Security: Mostly Sunny?  American Society for Training and Development's (ASTD) Learning Circuits e-zine
March 2011, author, Todd Chandler, ABC Signup

That ubiquitous “future of computing” has been available by the hour from Amazon since 2006, sold as “hosted software” even longer, and often used unknowingly by most of us through Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and other more “social” cloud applications. 


ABC Signup Product Helps Schools, Companies Manage Their Registration Needs Business First (Louisville), March 4, 2011

In a year when many companies slashed their corporate training budgets and educational funding, Louisville-based JTC Technologies LLC saw revenue in its ABC Signup business segment grow by 38.7 percent, leading to record profitability. More

4 Things a Prospect Doesn't Want to Hear
February 2011, author, Ron Smith, ABC Signup

I used to think running a marathon would be the most painful thing I would ever do, but getting our company's website redesigned runs a close second.

My company sells software as a service, and I seldom get to sit on the other side of the table—the prospect side—but I did recently when we met with a series of web design/marketing companies. More

Top 10 Things to Look for in an Online Registration Provider American Society for Training and Development's (ASTD) Learning Circuits e-zine
December 2010, author, Todd Chandler, ABC Signup

A Google search of “online registration” delivers approximately 159 million results in about .18 seconds. Finding the right provider for your online registration administration will likely take a bit longer, though. When you begin your due diligence, consider these 10 characteristics as measuring sticks for determining who best to partner with to vault your registration management system into the 21st century. More

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