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"The ABC Signup system is so user friendly that we felt comfortable using it after just one hour-long training session. ABC listened to our unique challenges and gave us solutions we never thought possible. There was a real effort to ensure that it was not just a cookie cutter system but one that provided the solutions we needed."  Tiffany, Medical Minds in Motion


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Getting Started With Our Registration Management System

Once you have determined that ABC Signup is the right solution for your education, training or event registration needs, you are just steps from managing your registration process more efficiently online. Here is what to expect next:

1.     Signed agreement
Your subscription agreement, which guarantees you access to your account for one year, will begin immediately with your signature. It automatically renews with payment for each subsequent year. No new agreement will be required in following years.

2.     Introductory call
We will hold a brief call to review important details, such as the type of information you will collect on your form. During that conversation, we will also set a training date.

3.     Online payment integration
If applicable, you will need a payment gateway and merchant account in order to collect online payments via ABC Signup. If you do not already have a gateway and merchant account, ABC Signup will provide information on how to quickly obtain them. Unlike some providers, ABC Signup does not hold your money and filter your transactions through our bank account, nor do we tack on additional fees to the service. With ABC Signup, your money is passed directly to your bank account, eliminating additional costs, reconciliation issues and delays.

4.     Training
Initial training, which is web-based, usually lasts about an one hour. Its focus will be setting up an event, including the registration form and automated notifications.

5.     Event Audit
Once you are trained and have created your initial event (to be used as a template for copying future events), ABC Signup will conduct an event audit in which we will review your initial setup. A brief follow-up training session may be required to review registration procedures and reporting capabilities.

6.     Testing your event
When your event is ready to go, you can conduct several test registrations to ensure the process makes sense to you and will also be clear to your registrants.

7.     Going live
Going live usually occurs soon after the event audit—when you are comfortable with the setup of your event. For most organizations, this occurs within a couple of weeks of account activation. It can also occur earlier, depending on the complexity of your setup, and your availability for training and testing.

Ready to get started? Call us at 866.791.8268 ext. 0 or request a live online demonstration of our registration management solutions.

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