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"The ABC Signup system is so user friendly that we felt comfortable using it after just one hour-long training session. ABC listened to our unique challenges and gave us solutions we never thought possible. There was a real effort to ensure that it was not just a cookie cutter system but one that provided the solutions we needed."  Tiffany, Medical Minds in Motion


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Outrigger Enterprise Group, based in Hawaii, has satellite offices for its field sales staff across the United States.

One tactic the company uses to market its exotic hotel destinations – properties they own or manage throughout the Asia Pacific region – is hosting dinners for travel agents that double as training events. The sales offices used an e-mail/survey tool to manage the registration process for these events, but it lacked functionality and many of the agents invited did not like it. Upon the recommendation of another ABC Signup customer, Outrigger tried ABC’s online registration management system.

“It’s a lifesaver for us,” said Outrigger’s Cindy Cunningham. “It gives us one place to go [to manage registrations], it’s easy to do, it’s easy to print reports and sort data however we want, and it’s easy for registration lists and name badges.”

Streamlined and under control

ABC Signup’s software streamlined and centralized how the field offices manage registrations. Today, says Cunningham, the process is simple: invitation information forwarded from corporate is imported into ABC Signup to build invitations and registration forms.

“On the administrative side, we deal with a variety of lists of attendees,” Cunningham said. “ABC Signup is easy to load lists, create e-mail invites and reminders, and manage wait lists, and the scheduling is great.”

ABC Signup also solved two problems that sometimes surfaced with the previous system: too many staff accessing the system, and non-invited participants entering registration information. ABC Signup’s administrative controls allow customers to limit access to the system to those authorized to use it, and its validation module prevents unauthorized registrations.

Once referred, now referring

And as for the agents who weren’t fond of the old system, Cunningham says since switching to ABC Signup, an “ease of registration” question within the company’s event evaluations always comes back “100% satisfied.”

“On the customer side, I don’t know how much easier it can be – you just click on the registration form, fill it out and you are done,” she said.

Ease of use – for both the registrant and the registration administrators – has made Cunningham an advocate for ABC Signup.

“If I come across something that works this well, I will sing it from the hills,” she said.

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