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This Software Has Ears

JTC Technologies, the company behind ABC Signup, started in 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky with an idea and a few computers. Our hair was a little darker then, and our computer monitors weighed more than we did. In those early days, we made a big decision: Rather than make ABC Signup a be-all solution for any kind of online registration software need, we focused on education and training, developing ways to help with multi-class management, tracking CE credits and generating detailed reports, among other challenges.

The rest of the story is about you. Rather than give you the keys to this robust class registration system and wishing you luck, ABC Signup’s project managers listen extensively so we can devise the best approach to addressing your unique challenges. This means working hand-in-hand with you, beginning with implementation and training, to ensure ABC Signup's class registration software delivers an effective result.

To let the listening begin, just request a live demo and free trial.

With a GoPro camera and a few cliches, we made this video to demonstrate ABC Signup's approach to customer service.

The ABC Signup system is so user friendly that we felt comfortable using it after just one hour-long training session. ABC listened to our unique challenges and gave us solutions we never thought possible. There was a real effort to ensure that it was not just a cookie cutter system but one that provided the solutions we needed.” 

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When to Prescribe Class Registration Software

Robust online registration software brings efficiencies to administrators and convenience to registrants of gazillions of classes and programs each day. In this ebooklet, we provide examples of the more common applications for such online registration software.

  • 16 types of programs or classes that typically gain great value and efficiencies from registration software;
  • how the software solves challenges that are sometimes unique to certain classes or trainings; and
  • examples of ABC Signup customers of different industries, sizes and locales who benefit from the registration system.
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