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Stripe Goes Big by Going Simple

Posted on Tue, August 29,2017 @ 10:17 AM

ABC Signup partners with many payment gateways and all-in-one processors, including and PayPal. You can read more about some of the most popular ones here. Each one tackles the payment processing puzzle a little differently, and each one brings a little something different to the table. But each integrates with our class registration software. Once you have an account with one of our payment partners, it’s usually as simple as entering a few bits of information to connect ABC Signup to them.

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Continuing Education: More Than Watercolor, Pottery, And Celine Dion

Posted on Tue, July 18,2017 @ 11:00 AM

Continuing Education (CE) is a massive umbrella term which includes just about anything education-related beyond high school and undergraduate studies. It’s impossible to assign a dollar amount to the CE industry when even reading a technical manual or a book on how to get along with a co-worker who constantly sings Celine Dion tunes could qualify as CE. But CE is a lot more than that, and it's a lot more than extended education or lifelong learning.

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How beta-Carotene Can Improve Your Training Evaluation Response Rate

Posted on Wed, May 31,2017 @ 11:00 AM

Even with so many web-based survey products—including our own class registration software’s evaluation tool—it can still be tempting to use paper: According to conventional wisdom, you can achieve a better response rate if you don’t let attendees leave before they turn in their evaluation. Perhaps nothing works as effectively as holding people hostage until they give you what you want, but there are still ways to improve evaluation response rates with web-based evaluation tools. Plus, you can generate great data in real time rather than having to enter the responses into another program.

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