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2013: The Year of the Robot Snake?

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 21:28 PM

In the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the year of the snake.

In the hit or miss world of futurists and visionaries, the year 2013 will provide more gasps than asps.

goofy image of a robot snakeDismissed in 2013, thankfully, are those Mayan-inspired “end of the world” forecasts. Similarly, zombies and apocalyptic scenarios now yield to robots, space and futuristic themes.

In Inc. Magazine’s 7 Things You Need to Know About 2013,” one item on the list – “Robots are the new zombies” – projects that machines will continue to fight our wars, make our stuff and grow closer to driving our cars (and star in an upcoming Spielberg movie). In The Futurist Magazine’s10 Forecasts for 2013 and Beyond,” robots are predicted to become “gentle caregivers” in the next 10 years.

The Futurist article edges closer to the fringe with predictions that neuroscientists may be able to predict what you’ll do before you do it, future cars will become producers of power, aquaponic recycling systems could be the next kitchen accessory, and a handheld "breathalyzer" will offer early detection of infections microbes and even chemical attacks.

Of note on the training front, The Futurist also suggests that while the economy will likely become increasingly jobless, there will be plenty of work. Future workers will need to continue to develop skills, find out what other people need done, and do it on more of a contract approach. And among Inc. Magazine’s “7 Things” listing are two predictions with training implications: “Online education is going to blow up” (in an expansive way) and “Some manufacturing is coming back to the U.S.”

Marketing seer Seth Godin’s newest book sees a world in which we are all artists, using our talent and creativity to succeed in the new “connection economy.” While many of us are better suited to work for “the man,” Godin encourages others to be “disruptive” to be successful.

On the technology front, a variety of sources see the tablet device explosion continuing (for the first time ever, more tablets will be sold in 2013 than laptops), at the expense of laptop and desktop manufacturers and software manufacturers such as Microsoft. A Washington Post columnist suggests entry-level tablet prices dropping to sub-$100, a price point achievable only with a free software suite like that offered by Google.

Among its 13 bold projections for 2013, the Kiplinger Letters list higher taxes, higher U.S. oil production, slow economic growth buoyed by housing, no ban on guns, the U.S. becoming more friendly with immigrants and Israel becoming even less friendly with Iran (it says to expect an airstrike in 2013).

Antonio Vazquez, the self-proclaimed “Grand Warlock of Mexico” foresees some gloom and doom in 2013 outside of Mexico, including a new war in the Middle East, chaos in Venezuela and a tough year for Obama.

Mentalist Sonny Friedman offers 23 predictions for 2013 that include a peaceful period in the Middle East, an unexpected new source of fuel for cars and machinery, a potential plague-like pandemic in Europe, and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. Apparently, he throws the latter in each year for kicks.

ABC Signup offered a few training-related possibilities for 2013 that didn’t require a brain surgeon or futurist to foresee. We don’t feel quite as confident about the Cubs, but think it will be a good year for our customers in Chicagoland and throughout the country.

If you would like additional information about ABC Signup or registration software, please contact us by phone (866.791.8268x0) or e-mail. If you want to add your 2013 predictions to this blog for posterity’s sake, please do so below in our Comments section.



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