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4 More Ways to Use Registration Software, Part IV

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 20:08 PM

Event registration software doesn’t register your new Mikasa drill, renew your driver’s license or give you voting privileges. And ABC Signup’s system still won’t get you into Regis & Kelly or whoever’s doing that show today.

That said, registration software does serve a variety of applications in a wide range of organizations and markets. It’s beneficial to practically any offering that shares one or more of the following traits or needs: a significant number of participants over the course of the year; multiple or recurring events; online payment; automated communications to registrants; and the ability to generate materials such as name tags, attendance sheets, evaluations and certificates.

We’ve documented a dozen uses for registration software in parts I, II and III of this blog series. Today, we spill the beans on four additional venues where registration software delivers a positive impact.

Childcare Services/Training
While requirements vary by state, childcare centers and staff typically must complete training and orientation programs to obtain licensure or certification. Organizations exist in many states and metropolitan regions to provide just this sort of training to the centers. Registration software enables these training providers to not only deliver the programs in an efficient manner, but also to keep records and track certifications to ensure that the childcare operation is in compliance with state requirements.

Example: Child Care Council of Westchester (NY) – with an assist from ABC Signup’s registration software – supports over 750 child care providers and programs with training, technical assistance and resources.

Possible side effects: A stronger community, thanks to the positive impact on area families of better-trained and better-supported childcare providers and programs.

Arts Centers/Museums

Art centers/museums, science centers, and children’s and other museums sell a lot of tickets for their exhibits and special events. These venues also host any number of workshops, arts and crafts classes and more that require a flexible, complete registration system.

Example: The Des Moines (IA) Art Center offers a full palette of classes and workshops and uses ABC Signup to manage online registrations, accept payment (including its discounts to members), deliver automated notifications and more.

Possible side effects: Could see some swelling of the right side of the brain due to having more time to create instead of administrate.

Technology Training
Sometimes IT people don’t know everything. Other times, there are no technical experts on staff. In either case, plenty of third-party operations pick up the slack by providing an assortment of technology training, from something as basic to learning Microsoft Excel to setting up a networked office to reprogramming the flux capacitor. Naturally, someone teaching technology is likely to use a technical solution – registration software – to allow participants to sign up online for these courses and workshops.

Example: Progressive Business Technology Training uses ABC Signup to manage registrations and keep track of students as the progress along the wide array of individual and group technology courses offered.

Possible side effects: Reduced occurrences of “red face” that often manifested itself when a technology teaching platform suffered technical glitches with its registration process.

Faith-Based Programs
While some of the details may vary, faith-based organizations share a lot in common, namely their commitment to motivate and mobilize their congregations to serve a higher power. This typically involves many meetings and events – such as annual assemblies and conventions, Sunday school programs, leadership conferences, missions, spiritual retreats, workshops and more – that become even more inspired with the right registration software.

Example: The 50,000-member, 155-congregation strong Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey represents one of more than a dozen faith-based customers using ABC Signup’s registration software to manage registrations for everything from its youth ministry program to its annual convention.

Possible side effects: Some soreness in the upper back, from all of the pats you get from those pleased with the registration system.

With those four examples, we’ve now blogged a sweet 16 list of applications for registration software that make the overall event signup and administration process more efficient. There are undoubtedly additional uses, and we invite you to share your thoughts on the topic in the Comments section below.

As always, if you have questions about ABC Signup or whether online registration software is right for your program or event, please e-mail or call us (866.791.8268x0).



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