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5 Ways to Get Participants To Complete Post-Event Assessments

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 16:47 PM

It’s not exactly pulling teeth or removing your own appendix, but persuading program participants to complete a post-event survey or evaluation can cause a little discomfort.

As a program or event provider, you want feedback to continue to improve your offering. As a participant, you might want to get out of the door more than you want to take time out to fill out a form, even if it could potentially create a more valuable experience for yourself and others down the road.

So, how, as a provider, do you bridge these divergent interests?

Here are five ideas practiced in one form or another by ABC Signup online registration software customers, who organize tens of thousands of programs and events each year and often survey participants afterwards. None of these ideas involve locking doors.

1. Preach ownership

It’s your event. People expect you to champion it. Aim even higher, and ask participants to champion it. After all, they have invested their time and/or money, and are likely to participate in your future programs and events. Challenge them to use the survey or evaluation to make “our” event even better.

2. Give them a chance to win

“Complete the evaluation for a chance to win X” is a powerful incentive. Offer what is in your means or relevant to the program. It could be a gift card to a restaurant, logo wear, a book by the event speaker, an iPad – anything to nudge participants past their "why bother" mindset.

3. Appeal to their curiosity

For some programs or events, the findings of the evaluation might be enough to move the needle. Offer to share the full survey results to those who complete the questionnaire.

4. Make them an offer…

A simple tool that’s likely within your control is to offer a discount to a future program to those completing the survey or evaluation. That’s an option relatively easy to set up with ABC Signup’s registration software.

5. They can’t refuse

Perhaps the most effective tool is simply holding the program’s certificate or credit – where relevant – until the participant completes the survey or evaluation. For many customers, that tactic guarantees 100% participation in post-event assessments.

So there you have it – five relatively painless ways to get those evaluations and surveys done. We’re fairly certain some of you reading this can offer additional means to induce participation. Fill free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or interest in picking our brains about online registration software, ABC Signup, post-event surveys or self-appendectomies.



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