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5.5 Tips for Moving the Webinar Attendance Needle

Posted on Thu, September 17,2015 @ 13:52 PM

It may seem like ABC Signup is only in the software business. Like a lot of companies, however, we’re also in the training business. Via webinars, we train our users how to get the most out of ABC Signup for their unique requirements. We continue to help them, for example, as their needs change, they need refreshers, or new requirements arise.

Does that sound anything like your organization and how you train your employees and customers? If so, you likely give a lot of thought to how you can make your webinars and trainings more useful. Just as important, how can you increase attendance, right? According multiple sources, 50% or fewer registrants show up on average. And you put in all that work. If 50% is the norm, how can you rise above it?

We offer five-and-a-half suggestions based on our experience:

  1. Dynamic calendar/listing: Offer and display your webinar at multiple dates and times, if you can, so your audience can choose the best time for them. Experiment with which days and times work best. The middle days of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) are equally good in most research. Monday at nine and Friday at five, not so much. Certain times are better than others, as well. But it’s helpful to offer choices if your audience comes from multiple time zones. For example, ten o’clock may be ideal for your west coasters, but your Eastern Time Zone attendees may be running late, if they make it at all. And if they do, they may fall asleep half way through the webinar because that Texas Roadhouse baked potato is weighing heavily in the pit of their stomach.

  2. Prompt them to add the event to their web calendar: When your registrants are confirmed for the webinar, include a link so they can add the date and time to their personal web calendars, such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

  3. Auto reminders: Don’t rely on them to set up their own reminders. Remind them anyway. Set up automated reminders to go out, say, one week before, and again one day before the webinar. Build anticipation. Give a little taste each time of what to expect from the webinar. Emphasize each time how valuable the experience will be. And again include a way to add the event to their personal web calendars.

  4. Get their feedback: Send out post-webinar evaluations to all attendees, or even to all registrants, to garner information on how to make webinars more useful. But also gather data on what dates and times are best. You’ll need copious responses to get a clear picture, but the information will be as golden as Flavor Flav's bridge work. 

  5. Give them something in return: One way to increase feedback is to offer registrants and attendees a carrot. For example, you could design a professional attendance certificate to be auto-issued via email as soon as a person completes the evaluation. 5b. Record the webinar: Make it available for those who failed to attend. You can track who signs up for the video, and even charge a fee for this highly-valuable video with production values that would make Steven Spielberg envious.  

Would you believe it? All these tools are available via ABC Signup event registration software. That’s some kind of coincidence.

Have other tips that drive participation above 50%? We’d love to hear about them.Just complete the form below. You can also e-mail or call (866) 791-8268 ext. 0.



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