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ABC Signup Almost Wins 2012 Inc.credible Award

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 19:00 PM

ABC Signup got outfinished for the Inc.credible small business awardWe’re number two. Or perhaps we are number three, four or five, but probably not five because that slot likely went to the diaper changing company (or would they be number two?).

Anyway, once again, we were one of five finalists for the Greater Louisville Inc. (the metro area chamber of commerce) “Inc.credible Award” honoring smaller but growing businesses in Greater Louisville. And once again, we Susan Luccied.

All is not lost, however. First, we were among more than 1,300 businesses nominated for the award, which recognizes the “best and brightest” small businesses for their achievement. So, to be one of the five finalists in our category is pretty impressive. Second, we garnered positive exposure in the community, which is helpful when your plan is to grow beyond being a small business.

We’re disappointed, but undaunted. We figure if we keep listening to our customers, continue to improve our registration software and service, and stay in tune with our market, we will build a business that’s pretty incredible, with or without that stupid trophy.

If you want to know more about ABC Signup or online registration software (and promise not to ask about today's awards miss), please call (866.791.8268x0) or e-mail us.



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