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ABC Signup Unveils Learning Plan Module

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 19:23 PM

Wouldn’t it be cool if your registration software allowed you to create learning plans for participants in your continuing education, professional development or other training programs?

It can – if your registration software is ABC Signup.

Our new Learning Plan module offers basic tools to create, assign and administer learning opportunities for individuals and groups.

Setup is simple. First, you create the learning plan requirements by entering the parameters into the system. Those parameters might be a certain number of CEUs, select courses for new employees or a combination of training hours, specific courses or other requirements that make sense for your organization and your program’s participants.

easy to set up learning plan requirements per your specifications

Next, you use the Assignments interface to assign individuals within your registrant database to a learning plan. Use the tool to designate time restraints, such as a start date (perhaps based upon employee hire date) and a completion date. If applicable, assign participants to groups, perhaps based upon their manager, department, job type or other information you may have in your database record.

the assignment features of our learning plan module

The module then allows you to keep track of participants’ progress with their plans. Use it to get a status report on each participant, seeing what requirements have been met and which have not, and where they are along the continuum.

Administrators access the module through ABC Signup, and the software interface is easy to navigate, just like ABC Signup. The tools aren’t overly complicated or expensive like some Learning Plan systems. Our module works in hand with our online registration system, requires very little training and can be operational in minutes.

If you want to know more about this new option and its pricing, please contact Ron Smith at 866.791.8268x203 or 502.454.2850x203.



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