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Adding That 'Extra Touch' To Your Event

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 15:39 PM

Think about the myriad of training programs or events you have attended. Some will stand out because of an excellent presenter, content or location. Others might stand out for all of the wrong reasons – food poisoning, a hung-over speaker or the Murphy’s Law of IT/AV epic failures.

Try to filter out those in which an unremarkable addition left a lasting impression. No, chocolate fountains and white dove releases don’t qualify as “unremarkable additions.” The next step, obviously, is to see where you might be able to add a little something similar to make your programs and events more memorable.

It could be as simple as adding dishes of candy or centerpieces at tables throughout the venue, or setting aside “leave behinds” such as a logo pen, a discount offer to your product/service, or (if appropriate) a hard copy of the event’s presentation. It could be a little more sophisticated, such as renting a photo booth for your large conference.

Other times, it is an activity built into the program, from a surprise drawing for a giveaway to an ice-breaker to a special recognition. No scavenger hunts, please, and don’t do anything that looks like a flash mob.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do, and more are being invented every day. Often, the “extra touch” is going to be created by you specifically for your program or event, because you know it – and its participants – better than anyone else.

On that note, we would love to hear some of the “little extras” you have added to your programs and events that have made for a more memorable occasion. And by all means, do share the tactics that perhaps did not go over so well, so readers don’t repeat the effort!



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