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An Italian 101 and Class Registration Software Primer

Posted on Fri, September 29,2017 @ 10:55 AM

It’s National Coffee Day, which is like Christmas for coffee drinkers, except why didn’t we know about CoffeeDay.jpgthis auspicious day before we paid full price for our morning beverage? We’ll survive in this little corner of the blog world, however, because the day is young, we’re surrounded by establishments serving fresh-brewed hot beverages of varying quality, and we are prepared to be hyped up well into the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of National Coffee Day and want to try something besides your usual black with no room for cream, here’s a brief glossary:

Espresso: This Italian word refers to a strong coffee drink created by quickly (hence the name) forcing a small amount of boiling water through finely ground beans. Compare that to traditionally brewed drip coffee.

Americano: According to one story, American soldiers back in the day found espresso too strong for their sensitive taste buds. So, baristas added a little extra water. You can imagine those early baristas (Italian for bartender) saying Americano with a curled upper lip.

Macchiato:  This is espresso with a drop of milk. Macchiato means spotted or marked in Italian, as in you’re taking a perfectly good espresso and messing it up. We suppose an espresso without milk would be a non-macchiato.  

Latte: This is Italian for milk. The full word for what we Americans call a latte would caffè latte in Italy. If you visit a small town in the Italian Alps and order a “latte,” you may be served a glass of cow’s milk.

Software di gestione delle registrazioni di classe: We had to sneak this one in. If you order this at a coffee shop, they may pretend they know what you mean and serve you a half decaf mochachino latte with soy and extra raspberry syrup. But what it really means is class registration management software, with heavy emphasis on management. If you’re looking for class registration software, know you have all types of options from simple form builders to full-blown systems.



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