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Back to School Tips, From Several Angles

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 9:49 AM

I got knocked down in round one of my back-to-school shopping. The blue pens I purchased were too cheap, and the slightly nicer black pens I bought weren’t blue. The notebooks – found at the third store visited (Target’s selection was plundered, K-Mart’s remaining stock was Euro-sized or Little Miss Kitty-styled) – weren’t college rule (thinner lines).

Perhaps if I had read up on some of the expert back-to-school advice on the Internet, my first effort at the resupply endeavor might have proven more fruitful. So, I decided to dig in to some of the advice available, and share some of my back-to-school findings from a variety of perspectives.

This Associated Press article, for instance, takes a common sense approach to finding the best deals in your back-to-school supply shopping, suggesting things like shopping on weekends (when most of the sales are held), using price comparison tools on bigger-ticket items, and involving your kids (to teach them budgeting and to avoid buying things they won’t wear/use – duh!).

If you seek tips for prepping your young kids for a smoother transition to a new school year, this blog offers nine practical steps for getting them on schedule, nourished, involved and enthused, sans lice. A recent Redbook article offers 31 ideas that promote family bonding, healthy eating and academic success while easing the start of a new year for your children.

For the tech minded, a flood of apps are available as resources to further the user’s educational success. A Time Magazine article explores 10 apps for the iPhone, a piece details 10 apps for the Android, and sitemaps by subject matter and purpose more than 100 useful apps for high school and college-bound students.

For those of you behind the big desk in the classroom, Scholastic employs the experts (fellow teachers) to deliver all sorts of useful information, including this primer on prepping the classroom and first-day activities for elementary students, or this one about building rapport and setting expectations for students at the high school level.

And, we found something for professionals considering going back to school. A recent Forbes article delivers a checklist of 12 steps to pursue to not only see if it’s the right decision for you, but also make it work. It runs through sensible ideas – such as talking with your manager and colleagues – as well as a few you might not have considered, such as creating a time management plan and discussing your plans with program faculty, not just admissions advisors.

Back to school can also mean a ramp up of training programs, activities and events that require online registration software. If you need tips on building out your event listings or pages, creating smart registration forms or setting up automated e-mails to your participants and prospects, tap into ABC Signup’s expertise. Simply call (866.791.8268 ext. 0) or e-mail us.

Please do the same if you have any questions about ABC Signup, not just what we can do to smooth your back-to-school transition. Also, if you have any back-to-school tips, share them in our Comments section below.



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