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Events, Attendees Increase for ABC Signup Customers, Per Survey

Posted on Mon, July 27,2015 @ 9:43 AM

For the fifth consecutive year, ABC Signup’s registration software customers saw gains in the number of events they offered and attendance at those events, according to the company’s annual survey, conducted each year in June.


The 2015 study showed increases in survey participants’ events offered (43% of respondents said they offered “more” or “significantly more” programs, 51% said “about the same”) and in the attendance at those events (37% more/significantly more, 51% about the same). Those numbers represented similar year-over-year increases reported in the identical survey queries in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Optimism for business trends going forward was on the upswing, as a majority of respondents expect to offer even more programs and events in 2016 (46% expect to provide “more” or “significantly more” while 54% expect to offer “about the same”). These outlook results compared similarly to the positive expectations from the four prior surveys: 2014 (46% expect to offer more programs), 2013 (34%), 2012 (47%) and 2011 (32%).

“It’s very important for a business-to-business company such as ours to have strong partners, and in each of our five annual surveys our customers reported higher business levels from the year prior,” said Todd Chandler, president of ABC Signup. “Equally gratifying is the fact that their expectations are up for 2016. Our success is predicated in part by partnering with healthy organizations and helping them meet their expectations, and in 2016, that equates to managing additional programs and events.”

Time saved from using ABC Signup again garnered high marks from survey participants, as 80% cited “significantly more” or “more” time savings in 2015, compared to 88% in 2014, 91% in 2013, 86% in 2012 and 90% in 2011. The number of participants estimating their cumulative time savings on event administration since using ABC Signup at 50% or greater was 36% in 2015, 54% in 2014, 44% in 2013, 46% in 2012 and 42% in 2011.

“Time saved remains one of the top benefits of our registration management system, and our customers continue to save time using ABC Signup even as more of them today come to us from other software systems versus coming from paper-based systems only a few years back,” said Chandler.

The top benefits of ABC Signup, per the survey results, remained relatively unchanged this year. Customers rated the top three administrative features as automated communications to registrants, registrants entering their own data, and easy access to reports. They rated the top three features from the registrants’ perspective as 24/7 access to register online, automated communications, and online payment.

Customers offered a number of suggestions in the survey’s open-ended query that requests ideas for new features and functionality that would improve the software. Over the prior four surveys, some of these responses led to upgrades to the system. The current list of suggestions – which range from adding more features to the Learning Plan module to tweaking report options to increasing the administrator “dormant time” in the system – is under review by ABC Signup’s developers.

“We use the annual survey to assess how are customers are doing and how we are doing with our customers,” said Chandler. “It’s one mechanism out of several that helps us maintain an ongoing dialogue with our users, who are best positioned to share the kind of insights that help us improve our company and our products.”

“We can’t necessarily accommodate every suggestion or request for customization we receive each year, but we do our best to listen to our customers and continuously improve our software in a manner that adds value to the product and makes the user’s job easier.”

Congratulations to our survey participants who will receive official Derby Pies as a result of being really lucky and having their names drawn from a pool of all survey participants:

  • Cathy from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry
  • Kelly from On Center Software
  • Kendra from Drake University
  • Raydra from Deaf Action Center

And a heartfelt thanks to all who participated in this year's survey. We will update you shortly on some of the ideas we received for improvement and what we may or may not be able to do about the suggestions.



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