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Five Tips to Make Your E-mails Click

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 19:05 PM

ABC Signup customers use the registration software’s e-mail tool for a variety of communications, from marketing upcoming programs to notifying registrants of event changes to sending invoices.

It’s a robust tool that gives users a myriad of options for formatting, adding images and links, using html, setting up distributions and more. About the only thing it cannot do is open the e-mail once it is sent.

That’s the difficult, “foot-in-the-door” challenge for all e-mails – just getting opened. This blog reviews five things you can do in crafting your e-mails to improve its odds of being viewed by recipients.

1. Put Some Thought Into Your Subject Line

Your subject line’s objective is to entice and inform. Keep it concise and compelling. Don’t use all caps, or words likely to be construed as spam such as “free,” “click,” “cash,” “guaranteed,” “test,” “winner,” “earn” or “work.” Instead of a subject line like “ATTEND OUR FREE CPR REFRESHER,” try “Learn the latest in CPR techniques.”

2. Make it Personal and Personable

First, use your e-mail program’s “tags” to automatically import the recipient’s first name. “Dear Sir or Madam” or “Head of Household” look computer-generated and impersonal. Second, craft your content as a personal message. Write it as if you are talking to that person, not just pasting a product or event description.

3. State (and Sell) Your Call to Action

You have seconds to engage your target. Get to the benefits – what’s in it for them. Tell them what they have to do to access those benefits, and direct them to that single, highly visible call to action (a link or linked button).

Keep it simple, and don’t bury the lead – your readers should know what they are being offered within the first two or three sentences. Don’t be pushy with your call to action/link (“click here now!”), don’t use all caps and don’t confuse your audience with multiple calls to action.

4. Keep Your Formatting as Clean as Your Living Room

Cheese belongs on sandwiches, not e-mails. When it comes to formatting, use basic, universal fonts so your viewer sees what you see. Vary font size only for a headline, if appropriate, and use the same rule for font type. Use one accent color, if necessary, and make sure it isn’t red.

Add spaces between paragraphs. Including an image or two is fine, but don’t go overboard. If what you’ve created – accounting for images, font size/type and amount of copy – results in a e-mail that recipients have to scroll through, you’ve likely overshot the mark. Don’t shrink the font type to 7- or 8-point size to “fix.”

5. Give the Recipients Options

While the focal point of your e-mail should be the call to action, there are two other pieces of information that need to be made available to your audience. First, on the odd chance that your e-mail doesn’t answer every anticipated question regarding your program or event, the recipient needs to know how to contact you. Include contact info, and the more personal the better (noting that there are reasons to keep it generic).

Second, always include an opt-out/opt-in option. It’s the rules, and it’s the right thing to do. It’s as easy as checking a box at the bottom of ABC Signup’s e-mail tool. As a follow-up, you might want to ask your recipients to “white list” your e-mails with a simple request like “Please place this email address in your address book to ensure proper delivery.” Doing so will make spam filters far less likely to block future communications.

Those five tips should help your e-mails gain more traction. If you have some tried and true techniques you would like to share, please do so in the comments section below.

And as always, if you have any questions about ABC Signup or registration software, please call (866.791.8268x0) or e-mail us



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