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Five Ways To Spring Clean Your Online Registrations

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 16:38 PM

A new year brings new opportunities to make your programs and events better than ever.

You likely already zeroed in on your big-picture challenges – such as program content, presenters, location and event extras (some of which are discussed here). Perhaps now is a good time to move on to some of those things you can do within ABC Signup to freshen up your programs and improve your customers’ experience. Here are five tips to getting more out of your registration software:

1. Throw out what you don’t need
Sure, you can archive events, view past events and even see your test events. But after a while, your software dashboard might get a bit cluttered. Use our “purge” tool (just visit help>purge events for details) to delete events you don’t need and make your ABC Signup easier to navigate.

2. A little redesign might help
Revisit your registration form and update your questions to get the right information. You know how the software works and have seen its powerful reporting – consider what other information you need from registrants to make administration of your programs even easier, then ask for it!

3. Add a fresh coat of paint
Use our new, easier Theme tools to recreate your event pages, calendar listings and registration forms to mirror the look of your website or reflect a theme you think works well for your programs or events.

4. Not exactly a yard sale, but
Our software is loaded with event pricing options – options that might increase participation or encourage earlier signups and less last-minute, are-we-going-to-meet-budget stress. See if our various discount coding options – such as early-bird discounts, group rates, multiple event rates – makes sense for your event.

5. Finishing touches to make next year easier
You want to know how those big picture items mentioned above were received by your customers – was the content right, did the presenter nail it, was the location perfect? Use our evaluation tools to find out. And if you already use these tools, be sure to update your evaluations to make sure you are asking the right questions to improve your programs. You can now even “weight” scores on various questions to see how things you emphasized fared.

If these ideas sound good to you but you are a little rusty with the software are unfamiliar with some of the newer functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick refresher. A lot of functionality and features have been added to ABC Signup over the past year, so even our refresher has been refreshed.



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