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Get On-Site Insight With ABC Signup’s New Mobile Site

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 22:05 PM

ABC Signup this week launched a new mobile website designed to give users instant access to data and tools that aid on-site event administration. The website,, delivers event and registration information, payment data, a new tool to mark attendance and more – all scalable to just about any smartphone or tablet.

screen shot of ABC Signup's new mobile siteThe mobile site allows users to save an icon to their phone or tablet for one-touch access. Once logged in*, users will see an account dashboard that shows the latest data about their active events, confirmed registrations and recent payments collected. A second tab labeled “Events” displays a listing of current events (or past, if you choose). Touching a specific event opens a new page with details about the event plus three new tabs, “registrations,” “financials” and “attendance,” of which the former two provide more detail and the latter allows the user to check attendance on-site. Unlike an app, the mobile site doesn’t require an update every time data changes or a feature is added.

The new site is meant to complement the company’s software, which is also accessible via mobile devices at And like ABC Signup’s complete registration software system, the mobile site and its features will expand based upon our customers’ feedback and experience.

“We created a customer-facing site designed to give users additional tools to help manage their events on site or on the go,” said Todd Chandler, president of ABC Signup. “We built it on a platform that gives us numerous avenues for expansion.”

Customers are encouraged to put the new site to use to help administer their current events, and send us feedback on tools and features that might be tweaked or added to make it even more useful. The site currently supports any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android, as well as Blackberry, Kindle Fire and many other popular devices.

*Prospects who would like to see the mobile site can log in to a demo version using the following information: account code: abcat; user name: abc-admin; password: 555log.



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