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Got the Keys to the Facebook Page – Now What?

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 22:42 PM

You may love Facebook, loathe it or feel indifferent toward it. But when you are put in charge of leveraging Facebook as part of your organization’s social media strategy, you’ll at least have to embrace it. If you are new to the medium, getting started with the Facebook platform is relatively easy.

Your bigger challenge will be regularly posting information that helps achieve any of a number of goals: informing or entertaining your constituents; marketing your organization; improving your website’s search results; and/or building relationships that help achieve these same goals.

You likely “earned” the Facebook publisher role due to your communications acumen or the fact that you are plugged into the organization in a manner that makes you uniquely qualified to share information about it. Use or develop those organizational tie-ins to help generate Facebook content, which can include photos, videos, news links, and posts about everything from milestones and accolades to informal survey questions. The goal is to provide some sort of value while engaging your constituents.

Ideally, you will post something several times a week, but not several times a day. Common sense should guide you in choosing the content you post, but if you need help, review any of the number of “do’s and don’ts” articles on the Internet (like this one from a business perspective, this one that focuses on set up and this one that offers a bit of an etiquette perspective).

If you are struggling for content ideas, look around Facebook. Note the variety of posts, and see what tactics get the most feedback. Use the following categories – and examples of real posts – to guide you. The posts, by ABC Signup customers (also Facebook friends/likes), can be found over the past couple of days on ABC Signup Facebook “wall.”

Milestones, news or accolades
The New York City Department of Education highlighted news that it would receive over $2 million in grants to distribute to schools impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Intermediate District 287 shared a link to the INNOVATION blog of Education Week, which gave ID 287 a shout out in its feature on some of the cool things happening in education in the Twin Cities area.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts showcased mouth-watering photos of some of its students’ culinary creations. Konica-Minolta Business Solutions posted a photo from the trade show floor of the Graphics of America’s Expo & Conference.

Latest videos
The University of Maryland shared a fun video of its Terrapin mascot walking around campus, with a surprise ending. TTI Performance Systems linked a recent YouTube video of three participants providing testimonials about one of TTI’s recent training offerings. And Signature Worldwide posted a video of its Image Hospitality corporate staff doing the “Harlem Shake.”

KY Baptist Convention asked attendees of its recent risk conference to share their thoughts about the event. Signature Worldwide shared a customer’s appreciative and positive comments.

Anything interesting
National Geographic posted this fact: Your body releases about two cups of sweat a day.

The above examples are by no means a comprehensive collection of Facebook content. Typical content might also link blogs and newsletters, celebrate new customer acquisitions or customer milestones, and link to special events, promotions and more. The only limiting factors to what you can share on Facebook are your time and creativity (and perhaps, your good judgment).

If you want to ask us more about Facebook, ABC Signup or registration software, feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone (866.791.8268x0). If you have some thoughts you would like to share regarding this blog article – or have other ideas to help those managing their Facebook presence – please type your thoughts in the Comments section below.



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