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22 Holiday Facts Unrelated to Registration Management Software

Posted on Thu, December 17,2015 @ 9:19 AM

The office Christmas party isn't all about avoiding the mistletoe when Gunter from Accounts Payable strolls by. It's also about sharing useful holiday trivia with your work associates. ABC Signup is here to help:

  1. Good King Wenceslas from the popular carol was a duke rather than a king. He received the title of king after his assassination.
  2. He received a sainthood, too.
  3. The Feast of Stephen, when the duke looked out, occurs the day after Christmas, or the day after the day after, or maybe a few days after that, depending on which church you’re talking about.
  4. December 26th is also Boxing Day, but Good King Wenceslas, who was really just a duke from Bohemia, looked out on the day of Boxing? That doesn’t have the proper ring to it.
  5. WThe good king/duke/saint at Wenceslas Square by Josef Václav Myslbekencelas’ brother, Boleslav the Cruel, plotted to have him assassinated.
  6. The duke should have been looking out for his brother rather than looking out at the snow.
  7. But let's give Boleslav credit for living up to his name.
  8. The Bible doesn't say how many magi there were--just that they brought three types of gifts.
  9. You can buy a bottle of myrrh online for about six dollars.
  10. The magi bought their myrrh, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, wholesale in order to cut costs.
  11. The magi were tempted to apply a little myrrh to certain spots after riding camels all the way from Persia.
  12. Magus is the singular of magi.
  13. If you call someone a magus, they may take it the wrong way.
  14. We're not sure how to get a job as Santa's Helper, but you can apply online for a part-time job at a warehouse in Santa Claus, Indiana. You must be able to lift 60 pounds.
  15. No one is sure where the "nog" part of eggnog came from, but one frequent guess is "noggin," which meant a wooden cup in Ye Olde England. 
  16. The Fraser fir tree is named for the 18th century Scottish botanist John Fraser, who allegedly started the tradition of cutting down trees in the Appalachians and selling them to city people at exorbitant prices.chrtree.jpg
  17. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Americans bought more than 26 million live-cut Christmas trees last year.
  18. Roughly one billion needles from those trees remain in the cracks of living room floors.
  19. Most pre-cut Christmas trees get the ax by mid-November.
  20. 80% of all artificial Christmas trees are made in China.
  21. 100% of all Salad Shooters are made in China.
  22. A collectible Snoopy and Woodstock ornament bought 20 years ago for five dollars is today worth five dollars.

Here’s another fact: ABC Signup is quite knowledgeable about registration management software, too. We would love to hear about your unique registration challenges. Or if you just want to share an obscure fact about the holiday season, we’d love to hear that, too.



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