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Professional Development Is More Than Buzz Words

Posted on Tue, September 29,2015 @ 11:00 AM


How to allow more professionals to become more professional.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and as much as I would like for time to slow down a bit, the last quarter of the year seems to rush by faster than Lelisa Desisa, crossing the finish line of the 2015 Boston Marathon (overall winner with an official time of 2:09:17).  It is also an excellent time for companies to evaluate their learning and development training and program offerings.  These programs allow employees to enhance skills necessary to succeed, grow within their organization and compete more effectively against the competition.

 Training has become big business, too, with big investment.  According to The Corporate Learning Factbook in 2014*, US spending on corporate training grew by 15% last year (the highest growth rate in seven years) to over $70 Billion in the US and over $130 Billion worldwide.  These continuing education strategies help to retain and cultivate workers become increasingly more important as the US continues to experience a talent shortage and a skills gap.  It’s also salient for increased investment because companies know it takes 3-5 years for an employee to become a seasoned professional and fully productive. 

Two other key finds are:

  1. High-performing companies spend more. Companies, which fall into our “high-impact” categories, spend significantly more on training than average.  So companies who invest in a total L&D strategy spend more per employee than those who are inconsistent. This shows that L&D spending pays off.
  1. Technology is revolutionizing this market. The research shows an explosive growth in technology tools to train people. Self-authored video, online communication channels, virtual learning, and MOOCs are all growing rapidly as training tools.

Part of L&D programs’ executional plan should also include tools needed to make the investment worthwhile.  The most effective and efficient tool is having a robust online registration management solution.  After all, if companies are going to offer these educational opportunities to their employees, you need them to register.   Registration management system, like ABC Signup can easily handle training programs that require multiple events, customized page design, complex payment options and so much more.  Download this ABC Signup brochure for a complete list of features and benefits.

Registration software ultimately saves users’ time and makes programs and events operate more efficiently, allowing professionals to get more professional.  So start planning your 2016 budgets, invest in your employees and create a more productive workforce.  Marathon running is not required.

If you have any questions about registration management software solution, email us or give us a call at (866) 791-8268 ext. 0.

Kim Kennell I am a marketing executive and strategic thinker focused on tackling business challenges for B2C & B2B companies that want to have fun and be uber successful.  I enjoy running with “The Wrong-Way Girls," laughing at my family’s witty jokes and sharing homemade ice cream with my dearest friends.

*Source: Bersin, Josh “Spending on Corporate Training Soars: Employee Capabilities Now A Priority” Blog Post Type. Forbes/Leadership, 4 February 2014.  Web 24 September. 2015.



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