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How to Get and Nail a Guest Blog

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 12:34 PM

Earlier this month, the registration software evangelists at ABC Signup invited customers to share anything interesting, entertaining or informative about their programs and events in the ABC Signup blog. We think it’s a win-win opportunity: customers get exposure and show their subject matter expertise, and we get great content for our website.

It’s such a great idea that we encourage you to spread your wings and view the whole blogosphere as your open skies. Blogs everywhere welcome good content.

So how do you go about guest blogging?

First, determine your objectives.
Do you seek to put information in front of a target audience? Are you hoping to establish yourself as a subject matter expert? Or is your goal as straightforward as trying to get additional publicity for an upcoming event?

Knowing what you hope to achieve drives what you are going to write about and gives you a starting point on what vehicles make sense to carry your message (a not-so-subtle segue to the next step).

Second, research target blogs.
If your objective is to present event information, what blogs reach your potential attendees? If your topic is more of a “how to” or “lessons learned” pertaining to event management, what blogs reach your peers? You know your customers, you know the industry and you know how to Google – the appropriate blogs are a few keystrokes and clicks away. And, once you’ve identified appropriate blogs, finding contact information is typically a snap.

Third, make the ‘ask.’
Send a note to the contact asking if they accept guest blogs. Explain your subject matter and what you hope to accomplish (inform, educate, etc.), and what value (fresh content, new perspective) your effort would bring to the blog.

If you’ve done your research and write a legible, grammatically correct ask, your offer will be difficult to turn down.

Fourth, write your article.
Don’t be intimidated as if you are writing the cover story for Time Magazine. Do follow any parameters the blog may have pertaining to work count, link restrictions, style and so on. If allowed, create a link back to your website where appropriate in the blog or perhaps in your contact information as the author. In simple terms, this helps your site win Google searches.

Most blogs are more conversational and not overly lengthy. They are typically casual, and presented in more of a storytelling mode rather than journalistic-style. Don’t “bury the lead” (reveal your purpose early) and if you have some call to action, be sure to provide the means to act (contact information, event details, etc.). Also, you may want to send a photo/image/logo that complements the content, if possible.

Fifth, submit your blog.
Send it, and don’t be crushed if it receives minor edits. If the edits are major, you might want to have a quick conversation with the blog owner, either to fix it or to pull it entirely (this is pretty rare). Also, watch the blog’s comments section to see if there is feedback, and work out an arrangement with the owner to be able to respond accordingly. You will also want to get permission to display a link to the blog on your social media sites and website.

Sixth, if you are happy with your work, show it to your boss.
You earned your kudos. Once the blog is live, help the Internet spread information like it is supposed to by sending links to your work. Let your VIPs see it first. However, we advise that you clear the whole guest blogging opportunity with your boss well before your work gets published.

That’s our six-step approach to guest blogging. If you have thoughts, questions or experiences you would like to share that pertain to the subject, please post away in the Comments section below.

If you would like more information on topics such as registration software or ABC Signup, call (866.791.8268 ext. 0) or email us today.



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