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If We Wore a Cornucopia as a Hat, We'd Tip It

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 14:21 PM

Eleven years ago, just before Thanksgiving, registration for something called the Textbook Caravan went live using ABC Signup. That event, hosted by an education cooperative in Indiana, was the first to employ ABC Signup; 482 persons signed up. If we were not above using weak puns, we would say that was a textbook example of a successful registration process.

Online registration may seem like no big deal now, but remember this: Most organizations in 2003 still handled registrations via spreadsheets, word documents, emails and something old timers used to refer to as a “telephone.” Some still manage signups the old-fashioned way, but who are we to pick nits in this blog? As long as we’re mentioning blogs, BlogOn, credited by many as the first social media conference, would not take place for two more years. Speaking of social media, Mark Zuckerberg and his college buds hadn’t thrown together the first Facebook site, yet. And Twitter? Still nearly three years away.

The digital landscape has changed dramatically, and so has ABC Signup. The Textbook Caravan, if it had required such functions, could not take advantage of credit card processing, shopping cart, advanced page design, customized reporting, and automated issuing of certificates (or certificates at all, for that matter).

Since registration for that first event went live in November 2003, 171,842 more events, including a lot more Textbook Caravans, have been created in ABC Signup. In the neighborhood of three million individual registrations have been processed.  Some of those events have handled fewer than ten registrations; others have been in the thousands. However, just like the Duggar family with eleventy kids, each event has been equally important to us. We know you may have just as much riding on your event for a handful attendees as someone organizing a major conference for thousands.

So, here’s a belated tip of the Thanksgiving cornucopia to our customers, who have relied on ABC Signup for events that determine their own success. Thank you for your partnership, and here’s to the next 171, 843 events.

If you have thoughts you would like to share about this blog, Thanksgiving, ABC Signup or other sentimental registration software stories, please submit them in the Comments section below. If you need additional information or have a question for us, feel free to contact us by email or phone (866.791.8268 ext. 0).



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