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Instructor Training Still a Big Deal

Posted on Thu, June 9,2016 @ 11:00 AM

As purveyors of class registration software, we can’t help but notice all the love self-paced e-learning is getting these days. According to a 2015 report, 28.5 % of corporate training hours were delivered online or via computer technology with no instructor involved. The percentage has increased steadily in recent years. However, instructor-led training (ILT)—online or face-to-face— still remains the big dog with around 50% of all corporate training, depending on the source. Self-paced learning will never entirely replace ILT. Or if it does, you will have long forgotten this article. Still, we believe ILT is here to stay for a officialstats2.jpg
number of reasons, including these:

Learners want it. For most adult learners, it’s harder to retain information when only reading something in print or online, or viewing a recording. They tend to lose focus more quickly than if the training is live.

Adapt on the fly. With ILT, student questions can lead to quick clarification, which leads to improved content. When content is fluid and constantly improving, it meets learners’ needs immediately.

The eyes have it. Individual needs, particularly in face-to-face ILT, are more obvious. You can literally see when a learner is struggling with a concept. Again, you can adapt quickly to address the issue.

Get personal. Learning still requires a personal touch, whether that means one-to-one training, tweaking your approach to fit the group dynamic, demonstrating an idea or technique real-time, or other teaching tactics that self-paced learning cannot provide.

Action reinforces learning. Learning also receives a boost when the teacher can immediately observe students putting into action what they have learned. Students also learn better observing each other.

Group interaction means retention. Students in a group, particularly in a bricks and mortar classroom, also learn while interacting with each other. Just like back-and-forth with an instructor, interaction among learners increases understanding and retention.

Learners commit. If learners have signed up to attend a training held at a specific time and place, they are more likely to show up. They feel a greater investment, which leads to a greater commitment to the process and the content.

ABC Signup doesn’t have a dog in this hunt because our customers use our online registration management platform for ILT, self-paced, and a blend of both. But it is hard to imagine ILT ever being completely replaced by self-paced learning because of its specific advantages. 

If you have thoughts on ILT and/or self-paced learning that you would like to share, please use this form to give us a piece of our mind.



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