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Is Your Registration System 'Back-to-School' Ready?

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 18:21 PM

No time to ponder where the summer went when you’ve got training workshops, professional development courses or other programs and events to plan as school gets back in session.

Many of you are making final preparations for your programs as well as your registration system. This article attempts to ease the transition with a few registration software tips culled from our decade of working with some of the brightest minds in the business – our customers.

‘Fall Clean’ Your System
For starters, you may want to clean up your system. Disable or delete unneeded records. Purge or archive (if you are an enterprise client) discontinued events. Update your confirmation messages and event pages if any contact information (phone number, address, contact person) has changed. In our blog entry on Spring Cleaning, we go into more detail on tasks to consider, including…

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your Efforts
If you revisit your event pages or calendar listings and think you can make them look better, you are probably right. Since last August, we’ve added new theme templates and a new design interface to make it easier for you to create more visually appealing pages. Try them out on everything you create, from event/calendar pages to registration forms to e-mail notifications. And that’s not the only thing we’ve added…

Use Your New Tools
Go to the What’s New section of ABC Signup and review all of the new features available. We added more than two dozen tools or enhancements since this time a year ago, so there’s a pretty good chance you will find something useful. A new text editor option, quick response (QR) codes, media uploads, new reporting features and more discount code options are among the many improvements made to your software over the past year. And, if you aren’t sure how to use them…

Take a Refresher Course
For some of you, the new school year marks your first time working with ABC Signup, or your first time working with it in almost a year. If you are a little rusty, or if you just want to make sure you are taking full advantage of the software’s capabilities, contact us for some one-on-one assistance or participate in an upcoming monthly training session.

A little progress on the tasks listed above should go a long way in easing the stress of back-to-school – at least from a registration management perspective. If you have some tips you would like to share with others prepping for back-to-school training programs and other activities involving registrations, feel free to post them in the comments section of our blog, where this article will also be posted.

If you have any questions about ABC Signup or online registration software, feel free to call (866.791.8268x0) or e-mail us.



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