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Livestream Your Programs or Events on YouTube

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 20:37 PM

A new technology offering from Google can quickly broaden your event’s impact and reach.

Google-owned YouTube – the popular Internet video site and second largest search engine – can broadcast the live feed of your event in real time on your YouTube channel. More than eight million viewers sampled the YouTube Live technology last month while watching the Austrian daredevil parachute from space. That same technology is available to you, though setup takes a little work.

On the assumption that you have a video/audio feed of your event, here are steps you need to take to livestream you feed on your YouTube channel.

1.Setup a YouTube channel.

The Event Manager blog does an excellent job of walking you through the setup (and are a go-to site for the latest developments in the Google livestreaming efforts). Setting up a YouTube channel is a fairly simple process that you can complete over lunch. You first need to create a Google account for you or your organization, and then use that login information to create your account and channel within YouTube. Next, adjust the channel settings to include details such an organization overview, matching color scheme, etc. Third, upload any appropriate company videos to the channel. Here, for instance, is the elegant-yet-understated ABC Signup channel on YouTube.

2.Become a YouTube partner.

Every organization that has a channel can become a YouTube partner. You can opt in to be a partner directly from your account. Live events won’t immediately be available to your channel, but as you continue to add videos and/or subscribers to your channel, your odds of getting livestreaming capabilities increase. (If this approach takes too long, see #3 and #4.)

3.Apply for the non-profit program.

If you manage events for a non-profit organization, you’ve got a fast-pass to YouTube Live activation. YouTube’s non-profit program provides close-to-instant access to a number of tools, including livestreaming. If you are eligible, sign up is this simple.

4.Use Google Hangouts on Air

You can livestream without being a YouTube partner or non-profit using Google Hangouts on Air. To be eligible, you need a Google+ account (in your Google account simply activate Google+, which is sort of Google’s variation of Facebook) and a YouTube channel. Note that Hangouts on Air isn’t the same as YouTube Live. It looks lower tech and is better suited for smaller gatherings/events. It does offer neat applications for panel discussions (picture a few of experts from across the world talking to their laptop cameras, fed into one virtual “hangout”), remote presenters and more that may add value to your events.

These livestreaming tools offer the potential to greatly expand the audience for your live events. On the flip side, they also could cannibalize your on-site attendance, assuming the video channel gains enough viewers. Also, the technical requirements of streaming your events live may be an additional challenge you simply aren’t ready to take on. Like most technology tools, you will need to evaluate whether it’s right for your organization and your events.

You can learn a lot more about livestreaming by following the links in this blog or just by Googling it. If you’ve already tried livestreaming and would like to share your experiences and suggestions with others, feel free to use the Comments section below. If you want more information about online registration software or ABC Signup, please e-mail or call (866.791.8268) us (or set up a videoconference using Google Hangouts). 



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