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Make the Registration Form Your Oyster

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 22:01 PM

Second in a series on registration software essentials

To earn its keep, registration software must provide a number of essential features – key tools that allow users to create an online platform to market their programs and events, accept and administer registrations and much more.

A “must have” among the list of essential tools is the ability to create registration form pages that collect everything an event administrator needs – from registrant information to payment – to track participation, send automated communications, generate name tags or certificates, award CEUs, export financial reports and more.

With database-driven registration software, the spreadsheets get populated and the features unlocked when that registration form is completed and the “register” button clicked. It's the proverbial grain of sand that becomes a pearl.

Contact info spawns a registrant record, automated e-mail confirmation and reminder messages, and source data for mailing lists, name tags, certificates and marketing of future events. Online payment does similar with regard to invoices and financial reporting. Other, specific form questions set in motion a number of event-related activities.

Good registration software, for instance, allows the administrator to customize the registration form to not only attain the vital information you need but also to tailor the event experience to the registrant. Specific questions delve beyond the individual’s contact information to attain event-specific info such as a t-shirt size for a road race event, a meal choice for a conference’s lunch or a concurrent session choice during a training program. More advanced systems also allow users to set up questions with conditional logic, whereby different responses trigger secondary questions (e.g. “Do you want to participate in the golf scramble?”; if the response is “Yes,” a secondary question might off two choices, “morning” or “afternoon”). The responses to event-specific questions are critical to an efficient, customer-friendly experience.

A complete registration form builder processes group registrations, whereby several individuals are registered at once, e.g., signing up for a table at an annual meeting. Robust registration systems also allow for the incorporation of a myriad of pricing discounts, whether by quantity, timing (“early bird”) or other qualifications (membership, veteran, senior citizen, etc.). Good software offers the ability to incorporate codes to attain discounts and other benefits.

Just as important, a top system provides design functionality to create registration forms with a similar look and feel as the users’ websites. Administrators should be able to tweak color schemes, import a logo or background art and align fonts to closely mirror their web format. The system should also allow users to arrange the order of the questions, adjust spacing, preview the final appearance and denote required fields versus those not required.

Finally, when a user proposes a feasible function not yet offered, really good registration software evolves to add that feature to its registration page functionality.

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