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Move That Data!

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 9:04 AM

Most registration software blends spreadsheet functionality with web authoring tools to allow users to create an online platform for sophisticated data management. That platform allows administrators to post event data, collect registrant data and record, track and communicate any subset or combination of each.

Typically, the data managed by registration software migrates into the system in one of three ways: administrators create it (e.g., event data); participants enter it at sign up (registrant data); or administrators import it. The latter is usually limited to spreadsheet-type files of contact information for registrants and prospective registrants.

Sometimes, however, a customer needs to import into their system registrants’ historical information and/or historical event information, perhaps to keep an accurate record for continuing education purposes. And, there are occasions when an administrator needs to migrate specific registrant data from one event to another.

Such challenges trip up a lot of registration software providers. Not ABC Signup. Our data migration services combine robust tools and expert consulting to move the data where administrators need it.

ABC Signup’s registrant import feature allows administrators to bulk import registration information using a spreadsheet template. The import can include basic contact information on each registrant and information on the event. Registrations can be uploaded into a simultaneously-created new event, or added into existing events. Even if the import is used to create a record of an event that occurred outside the ABC Signup process, administrators have the ability to mark registrants as attended as well as issue certificates.

Working within the system, administrators can now migrate registrant data from event to event more easily with ABC Signup’s enhanced transfer capability. This functionality enables the user to transfer all of the data tied to the event’s registration questions to another event with the same questions (or registration form). Prior, only basic registrant information could be transferred by the user from an original event to another.

On occasion, a customer can stump the system. That causes one of two things to happen with ABC Signup: 1) the development of a new or enhanced feature, like that mentioned above; or 2) a consultative arrangement in which our experts solve a specific issue without necessarily creating a new software feature. The latter typically occurs for something so specific and unusual that it doesn’t merit a system-wide software expansion.

If you would like to know more about our data migration capabilities – or are a prospect and want to know more about registration software and ABC Signup – please contact us by e-mail or phone (toll free at 866.791.8268 x0).



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