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Odorless Badges Work Just Fine

Posted on Wed, January 1,2014 @ 14:59 PM

You’ve probably heard it in a registration queue: “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges,” the oft-quoted line from the movie Blazing Saddles and a parody (though slightly misquoted) of a line from the famous Western film, Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The truth of the matter is, you might need badges, especially if you coordinate programs and events with more than a handful of participants. It doesn’t matter if it’s a workshop or a conference, if the event offers opportunity for interaction between the presenter(s) and the participants, name badges make sense.

Guidelines for name badges or tags are pretty simple. Content should at least include the individual’s name and (if appropriate) organization, in a font size large enough to read from 10 feet away, according to this name tag guru. The badge could include the event logo, and possibly show the first name in a large font (with other typeface smaller). The badges should be worn on the upper chest, right side, so they can easily be read upon shaking hands as the eyes move upward toward the face.

Customers of online registration software provider ABC Signup can quickly create custom name tags for their programs and events through the registration system’s custom name tag tool in the event setup module. The user simply places fields (e.g. [name], [organization]) for data directly onto the template, assigns the appropriate name tag label form (e.g., Avery 5384), lets the system pull in the registrants’ data, and then prints away.

Name badges make events more open, social and friendly. They can also help organizers confirm attendance, pinpoint feedback and target specific follow-up, and give registrants a sense of belonging and an appreciation for the event’s organization.

Please feel free to share your name tag best practices – or stinkin’ horror stories – below.



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