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Online Registration Software Benefit #4 – Online Payment

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 17:07 PM

When the Amazons and eBays and hundreds of other large B2C and B2B organizations struck gold conducting e-commerce over the Internet, the rush was on.

Of course, e-commerce – as in an actual sales transaction over the Internet – couldn’t occur without tools that facilitate payment online. And for many organizations, those tools became available when they deployed online registration software to help attract and book registrants to their programs and events.

Almost immediately, online payment functionality proved to be one of the most essential benefits of registration software. Event administrators instantly realized substantial time savings without having to accept, record and deposit so many payments by cash and check. Budgets became much easier to manage with advance payments and fewer lost payments, bounced checks and so on. And pricing tools such as group discounts or early bird discounts were easy to create and execute with online payment, and the ease of payment and record keeping extended to add-ons such as breakout sessions, optional meals and events, and much more.

Moreover, their customers – the registrants – discovered the convenience of being able to sign up and pay online in a secure manner, and today expect nothing less. And most good registration software recognizes the registrant the second time around, making it all the more efficient.

Of course, not all online payment options within registration software are created equal. Some will help you set up your own merchant account, align it with any of a number of payment gateways and have you ready to realize registration payments immediately. Others will funnel your business through their own merchant accounts, take a percentage of each of your registration transactions, and send you your registration payments on their schedule.

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