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Online Registration Software Benefit #5 – Easy Exports

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 17:15 PM

Registration software catches the user’s eye with all of the cool things that can go into it, from program details to registrants’ contact data to online payments.

The software grabs the user’s heart with all of the cool things that come out of it, from name tags to sign-in sheets to certificates to reports.

Good registration software allows the administrator to build customized registration forms that collect the right information – information that can later be exported for a number of useful purposes. It’s one of the many differentiators between true registration software and off-the-shelf form builders.

With capable software, registration form data is used to fill templates that generate event vitals such as nametags, sign-in sheets, mailing labels and certificates. It serves as the source data for attendance and financial reports, and can generate graphs and charts that give a visual depiction of an event’s performance. And that’s just a start.

A good system also allows users to build surveys and evaluations and access the data those tools generate. One can determine things like what percentage of participants prefer the venue or speaker; how many would attend a similar program in the future; or who is in favor of adding an ice cream bar to the lunch offerings – and export that information at the click of a mouse.

Really good registration software allows users to export the kind of detailed reports sometimes required by state or federal organizations. It allows users to customize exports and integrate them with other programs where the data is need, such as student information systems. It even allows regular exports to be set up through scheduled xml feeds and other methods.

Some systems also give registrants the ability to pull out detailed information about their own participation history, payments, certificates, continuing education credits and more.

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