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Online Registration Software Benefit #7 – It’s 'Green'

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 16:44 PM

Online registration saves forests.

Sounds a little over the top, right?

Consider the following: In the past decade, ABC Signup estimates its customers and their online registrants have saved at least 3 million tons of paper, or the equivalent of 360 trees*.

For a little perspective, note that ABC Signup is one of several registration software providers who in total help facilitate hundreds of thousands of such events each year representing millions of registrations.

Our customers manage registrations for training programs, workshops, conferences and other events. In the past, many of these customers would print flyers or brochures about the programs – complete with registration forms – and mail them to potential participants, or post PDFs of these documents on their website for registrants to print out. Today, these same customers send e-mails to prospective participants that link them to an event page (an online brochure of sorts, with a link to an online registration form) or directly to the online registration form.

A similar transformation occurs on the registrants’ side. The individual signing up for the event used to mail, fax or hand deliver the mailed piece, or print a PDF form and complete and return to the event provider. Today, with online registrations, they simply complete an ABC Signup-generated form on the provider’s website and even pay online if necessary.

You get the picture of significant paper savings – whether it’s the reduction of full-color event marketing materials, PDF print outs, faxes or even envelopes.

Moreover, the “green” benefits of online registration don’t end with trees or postage money saved. Less printer ink is consumed, meaning less printer cartridge waste. Less fuel is used by registrants who used to hand deliver registrations, or by event providers who once drove to the bank to deposit payments for their events.

Did we mention that ABC Signup’s cloud-based servers are all wind- and solar-powered? No? Good, because they probably aren’t. The takeaway here is that our registration software is far more environmentally friendly than other means of managing registrations, illustrating yet another benefit of migrating your process online.

If you have any questions about online registration software or ABC Signup, please e-mail or call us (866.791.8268x0).

*Here’s how we arrived at that number. We estimate that 70% of our customers to date came from a paper-based process. We multiply that by the approximate 1.5 million registrants that have signed up via ABC Signup customer-driven programs; and then multiplying that by a conservative 3 pieces of paper saved per registrant (think registration form, flyer, fax, evaluation, certificate, etc.). The result is more than 3.1 million sheets of paper saved, which equates to 15 tons or 360 trees when correlating with Conservatree’s estimates that 200,000 sheets of paper (or one ton) requires 24 trees to manufacture.

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