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Online Registration Software Benefit #8 – Useful Intel

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 17:20 PM

Good registration software leverages today’s high-tech tools – the Internet, a database, a computer or PDA – to put registration information and control at your fingertips.

This capability allows users to extract relevant intelligence to improve an event’s administration as well as the event itself.

For instance, administrators can use this software to craft a registration form with targeted questions that identify needs, learning levels and experiences – information that helps customize the training or event features.

Administrators can use the software’s post-event survey and evaluation tools to collect participant feedback on everything from the subject matter to the presenter to the venue – feedback that can be used to further enhance the training or event.

And through a web-based software platform, administrators of multiple events can also pull reports indicating event performance (e.g., attendance and financials) and see how it varies based on factors such as pricing, location, scheduling, etc. They can design future events to take advantage of what factors achieve the best results.

Good online registration software simply makes your training programs or events “smarter.” Smarter events are more effective, informative and valuable for your constituents, and more efficient for you.



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