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Legendary? Training Approaches Slow to Change

Posted on Tue, November 1,2016 @ 10:30 AM

After a recent car repair, I waited in the service area for someone to drive my car around. A technician in his twenties, who appeared to be on his break, stood near me watching something intently on his mobile device. At first, I assumed he was snapchatting or possibly watching a silly cat video. Then I realized it was an instructional video, and he was using a few minutes of down time to continue his learning.

Use your left-handed torque wrench to get a firm hold on the catalytic diode that is situated next to the flux capacitor…

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MOOCs: Threat or Benefit to Traditional Training?

Posted on Wed, October 5,2016 @ 14:00 PM

Massive Open Online Courses, aka MOOCs, are a way to take basic course materials and make them accessible to anyone online. MOOCs are great for people who have a particular interest and want to connect with others with a similar interest in learning the subject. MOOCs are still rather new—the first ones were introduced in 2008—therefore, here is a succinct explanation.

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School is not out for summer anymore

Posted on Wed, August 17,2016 @ 13:42 PM

Alice Cooper should consider revising his lyrics. Instead of “School’s out for summer,” perhaps the song should go “School’s out for part of summer, but then you need to get back here and prep for the ACT.”

Anymore, schools start back so early after the summer break that it almost doesn’t make sense to call it a summer break. It’s more like an early summer respite. The laminators in the classrooms have barely cooled down before teachers are back and setting up their classrooms again. Schools that used to begin in late August or after Labor Day are increasingly moving up their start dates. Many begin the first half of August; some in late July. Class registration often is scheduled for when families would be at the beach. Because school starts closer to mid-summer, it’s still dark out for some kids. That means their parents have to put up klieg lights just to see the scowls on the older kids’ faces when they take the perfunctory first-day-of-school photos.

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