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PTEC Avoids the Need to Clone

Posted on Mon, March 14,2016 @ 14:25 PM


Until scientists come up with a simple way to clone humans, organizations like the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium (PTEC) in North Carolina will rely on software like ABC Signup. PTEC delivers as many as 80 professional development opportunities each year to 16 member public school districts. That represents roughly 4,000 registrations annually. However, there is no team of registrars at PTEC to manage the process. It’s all handled through PTEC’s Anne Nelsen, and registration management is just one of her many responsibilities. If it weren’t for ABC Signup registration software, she says, “It would probably take three people to do what I do.”

More than the basics
Even though any basic online registration software could handle PTEC’s registration volume, the PTECBlog.jpgconsortium needs more than basic functionality to make possible the efficiency it needs. One of ABC Signup’s biggest time-saving features is identifying up front who can and cannot register. Because many of the consortium’s offerings are very popular and paid for by the member districts, only teachers and administrators within the member districts are allowed to attend at no additional charge. ABC Signup automatically limits self-registration to employees within PTEC’s membership. Non-members can still sign up, but only when they’re cleared by PTEC and pay a fee.

Setting rules
The consortium uses ABC Signup to manage all aspects of class registration and attendance. Following a workshop, all attendees receive a link to an evaluation form. Only when their evaluation is submitted online will an attendee receive via email a certificate of workshop completion. That dramatically reduces printing costs and time, because PTEC has set up a rule to automatically email certificates when the evaluation is complete. That’s a big change from the old days, Anne says. “When I first started, we manually printed out certificates for everybody. And then not everybody showed and you had to figure out how to pass them out at the end of the day. I love the evaluation aspect of ABC Signup. I love that I have a standard evaluation that I use on all sections, and that I can require them to complete that evaluation before they get their certificate link.”

Anne acknowledges any software is only as good as the help that comes with it. “Any time that I’ve had an issue, for whatever reason, ABC Signup always looks at it right away,” she says. “I also like the fact that they stay on top of things and come up with new ideas.”

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