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Push, Pull Event Data Like a Techie

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 22:26 PM

Fifth in a series on registration software essentials

Easy access to pertinent information solves some of the biggest challenges of managing events or programs. That’s why the ability to almost instantly import or export data is such an invaluable and essential tool of registration software.

Need to import a contact list to invite to an event? Done. Need to assess the current number of registrants for an upcoming program? Find it with a couple of clicks. Want to view your offerings’ financials year-to-date? Easy-peasy.

Good event registration software provides tools – such as spreadsheet imports, registration questions built into a signup form, or attendance and payment checklists – that not only allow you to gather data, but also delivers reporting tools that enable you to export the information in the form of reports, charts and graphs, surveys and evaluations, mailing labels, name tags, certificates and more.

This ability to manage data typically sets complete registration systems apart from free or low-cost form builders and e-mail services that have some registration functionality.

The reporting functionality of top-end registration software allows the user to pull or export registrant data and financial data (from payment and invoices to specific program budgets) by the event, by a series of events or for the entire year or other duration. Users can access detailed reports on registration question responses, credit card transaction logs, continuing education credits, attendance and more. They can manage and track payments – and generate statements – for organizations participating in their programs.

This functionality helps administrators stay on top of their events and track and report a number of easily accessible metrics (attendance, financials, etc.) useful in measuring success. In addition, administrators can use the registration question feature to create surveys and evaluations to be completed by registrants. Data from those questions can be weighted, dissected and disseminated in a number of fashions using the reporting tools.

Also, the ability to seamlessly access and repurpose registrant data simplifies task such as printing mailing labels or name tags or quickly generating invoices.

With tight budgets and an ever-present emphasis on outcomes, programs and events benefit greatly from reporting features that can help them market their offerings, facilitate a smooth event, track key metrics, evaluate means of improvement and report results.

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