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Put Your E-Mail on Auto-Pilot

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 22:10 PM

Third in a series on registration software essentials

Of event registration software’s many essential tools, e-mail functionality rates as one of the most appreciated and most valuable.

That’s because back in the pre-Internet day, alerting your registrants of a scheduling change or cancellation constituted a minor crisis; sending a confirmation note was a nuisance; and circling back with invoices just fed the cycle of event minutia.

Registration software made that “day” a faded memory for many while revolutionizing the way event administrators communicate with their participants and prospects. The database-driven software and its e-mail tools enable an array of customized, automated communications that virtually eliminate time-consuming phone calls, faxes and mailings.

A good registration system, for instance, allows administrators to quickly create a personalized e-mail –tied directly to registrant contact information – that delivers a message at a pre-set time or condition or after a “triggering” activity. It might be a registration confirmation e-mail sent immediately after an individual signs up, a reminder e-mail delivered two days prior to the event, or event availability notices transmitted to participants previously put on a wait list.

Good software not only allows some customization of the “look” of the e-mail, it gives the users’ fields or “tags” that instantly fill in event and registrant data already in the system. A confirmation message, for instance, might be as simple as:


Dear [registrant name] –

Thank you for registering for [event name], to be held [event date] at [event location]. We look forward to seeing you there!


[event administrator]

A complete system also features the ability to pre-set internal notifications that relay event and registrant information to other stakeholders within the organization or critical to the event, e.g., presenters.

Finally, add “e-mail marketing” to the list of benefits registration software’s communications tools deliver. Administrators can use the tool to send notifications of upcoming events – complete with event details and a links to the event page and registration – to prospective participants in their registrant database.

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