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Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 16:10 PM

A “by the letter” look at social media.

Are you serious? Is tweeting my lunch plans, “liking” someone’s book recommendation, planting a goofy video on YouTube or blogging about the usual subjects really going to help my organization?

elieve it or not, you likely can leverage the various social media to add customers, exposure, “humanity,” and much more to your organization.

Check out some of the success stories, from large organizations such as Burger King, Dell and Ford to smaller businesses like Blendtec and Naked Pizza.

Data shows that seven out of 10 Inc. 500 companies have Facebook pages, five out of 10 write blogs to communicate, and almost six out of 10 use Twitter. And charitable organizations and higher education use social media even more than businesses.

Enough with the A-Z thing. There’s no way this blog entry is going through the whole alphabet just to make a headline work. It would have gotten stuck at “X” anyway, just like when you play the “alphabet game” on a road trip.

The gist is, while sometimes it seems like there is more “sizzle” about social media than “steak,” it does offer different, explosive new avenues to reach constituents, communicate, build relationships, develop leads, garner support, increase participation or improve whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately, getting from A to Z – achieving something worthwhile with social media – is neither instant nor easy.

We find ourselves at ABC Signup, probably like many of you, in the early stages of developing a social media strategy to support our online registration software business. We are currently devising means to cross-pollinating those tools with our website and e-mail newsletter, sometimes linking the newsletter to the blog, or as we do below, linking this blog to our Facebook page.

One month into our blogging foray and we’ve garnered a number of comments, but most of them said something like “I can relate to your subject matter” with a 30-letter e-mail address pitching some product or another. Sure, we have visions of a more participatory forum and hope to get there one day. But, at the least, this blog is providing some useful information, expanding our web presence and in time, helping our search results.

Our Facebook endeavor is only a few months old and growing in friends and page views. We use it to welcome new clients, recognize loyal customers, promote training opportunities, unveil updates to our product and sometimes share silly videos. We would like to do something more promotional – like giveaway Whoppers if you befriend us – but our current giveaway inventory consists of some logo pens. And just like that, an idea is born.

Here are some social media resources you might find useful: a comprehensive guide and workbook; a playbook for social media; and the social media best practices page on Facebook.

If you have some ideas about leveraging social media that you want to share, please (no, really, please!) post them here – unless your name is [email protected]



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