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Stream it With ABC Signup's Media Manager Module

Posted on Mon, August 10,2015 @ 14:44 PM

“Media Manager,” ABC Signup’s multimedia file upload option, enables you to post multimedia and other large files online, control who can access them and monitor their usage. You can create a virtual library of online multimedia content with confidence that your uploads won’t “time out” due to large file sizes.

ABC Signup customers can use the tool to post a variety of multimedia files, including 14 different video formats – such as .mov, .wmv and .mp4 – and seven types of audio files. These uploaded files can serve a number of purposes, including:

  • training course supplements in the form of PowerPoint presentations or educational videos;
  • sales/marketing tutorials that are required viewing for offices across the country;
  • mandatory human resources training media or documents;
  • payment-required, limited-access instructional videos; and more.

University of Wisconsin-Stout, for instance, uses Media Manager to post video trainings online for its employees, contractors and volunteers. The Deaf Action Center in Louisiana uploads and sells sign-language videos through Media Manager. And ChildPlus uses the tool for videos that train users on their software product.

The media upload option integrates a hosting and encoding system into ABC Signup’s comprehensive registration software. Media Manager gives you a number of ways to manage and monitor activity around the uploaded files. First, the files can be made available to registrants via two different paths. In one, an administrator can assign persons or groups to have access to media files. In the other, users access the files through a typical registration process. Persons may have unlimited access, or the administrator can limit access to a date range.

The administrator’s view includes a log that details which registrants have been granted access. It also shows who has not initiated access, who has started, the individual’s viewing progress, and who has completed watching or listening to the multimedia file. In addition, the multimedia files can be set up in such a manner that upon viewer completion, the individual is sent directly to an evaluation form.

Media Manager is a great complement to training programs, conferences, continuing education and other events, or can be used to build a standalone online learning program. If you would like additional information on the service or its pricing – or on our registration software in general – contact us by email or phone (866.791.8268 ext. 0).



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