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Ten questions to ask about camp registration software

Posted on Wed, February 24,2016 @ 9:57 AM

If you’re in charge of putting together a summer enrichment program, you’re already thinking ahead to high temperatures, bug bites and kids learning the finer points of archery. You can eliminate some of your planning stress with feature-rich camp registration software. However, camp programs have varying needs, which require software flexibility. To determine if your online registration software can address your unique requirements, ask the right questions.

  1. Is the software designed to handle group/family registrations? Consider how your camp schedule must work. For example, do families need to pick from a selection of days, sessions, time slots, or classes for multiple campers? Registration forms may need to be set up to handle uncommon scenarios. Can a parent easily sign up more than one child at a time? Can they sign up for one week without having to complete one form, pay, and then go through the process again?
  2. Does your software provide for various discount scenarios? Let’s say you want to apply a
    five percent discount if a family member signs up for a second class. Can you give a discount if a parent registers a second or third child? Can they do both? Do you want them to get a discount for both scenarios or just for one?
  3. Can you display multiple scheduling views? Families want to see all camp options on a calendar or listing. Can they switch from one view to another? Can they filter by type of class, location, time of day, or other criteria?
  4. Do camper families have to contact you with every change? Robust camp registration software should make it easy for families to update their information. They should be able to update or cancel a registration without having to call or email you. When they log in after registering, they should also see their registration history—all without contacting you for help.
  5. Do you have flexible reporting options? You should be able to run real-time reports anytime you need information collected via the registration process. That includes filtering by multiple criteria. For example, who has peanut allergies in the Monday-Wednesday-Thursday one o’clock cooking class? What is their emergency contact information?
  6. Can you get a digital signature? When minors are involved, it’s helpful to require parents and guardians to officially agree to a set of policies and procedures. Often, checking a required box on the registration form will suffice. However, you may need more, such as a digital signature.
  7. How quickly can you communicate changes? Let’s say the vocal instruction teacher gets laryngitis the night before his 10:00 class. He has to cancel. How quickly can you send an email to only those students in the affected class?
  8. Can you easily invite last year’s campers? Camp registration software should give you a way to quickly pull up a list of last year’s campers and their email addresses, so you can invite them again this year. Can you upload an invitation list and track who responds and who doesn’t?
  9. How difficult is it to add other options to the registration form? Your online registration software should make it easy to add fields, such as for collecting t-shirt sizes, selling additional items, or internal-use fields you can run a report on later.
  10. Can families upload data during the online registration process? It’s often necessary for families to provide documents (release forms, immunization records, etc.) before camp begins. Perhaps it's sufficient to have them mail, fax or hand-deliver the documents. However, camp registration software often gives families the ability to upload the necessary documents during registration. You’ll then have access to the documents in one location.

These are some of the more important questions to ask. What online registration feature should be number 11? To let us know, or if you have other questions about what makes for flexible online registration software, please complete the form below.



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