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Ten reasons to take a stand

Posted on Tue, September 1,2015 @ 13:33 PM

standupLike yellow power ties in the 80s and dotcom business plans written on Applebee's napkins in the 90s, standing desks have become a hot office trend.

At ABC Signup Global Headquarters, many of us have been using standing desks for years. (Not constantly, because we’re not that crazy.) Some of us are on our third version--the one that required a mini baseball bat to maintain its proper level was less than ideal. The benefits of using standing desks have been bandied about for some time now.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking.” We not sure about that, because we haven’t seen desk sitters forced to go outside with all the other desk sitters even when it's 20 below. You’re not a loser if you don’t have a standing desk, but we all can benefit from keeping our bodies in motion as much and as often as we can. A less sedentary lifestyle is beneficial when considering the average American sits seventy to eighty hours a week (We just made up that stat, but it seems about right if you work 40 hours a week and binge watch Mad Men on Netflix).

Not that they outweigh the positives, but it’s also important to consider a few negatives. For example, you can be more susceptible to certain repetition injuries such as plantar fasciitis. We can speak from personal experience.

But let’s focus on some of the lesser-known positives of standing desks.We present ten of them:

  1. Increased vocal power. We’re often on the phone and online extolling the benefits of registration management software. If you have a similar job, standing can help your voice project and sound more authoritative and articulate. There’s a reason no important speech is given from a La-Z-Boy recliner. (It has something to do with the diaphragm, but we weren’t paying enough attention in high school choral to understand exactly how that works.)
  2. It’s a built-in compliment: “What a standup guy!” No one ever says “She’s quite the sit-down woman, isn’t she?”
  3. You can get a soft mat to stand on that makes your toes feel like they’re being massaged by cherubs.
  4. Because you’re already standing, it’s easier to pace when you need to come up with a new idea.
  5. It’s much easier to perform spontaneous pirouettes. And if anyone asks, just say you felt a bug crawling up your leg.
  6. Keep wrinkles out of your clothes so you look fresh all day.
  7. Look down on colleagues who interrupt you and, without invitation, take a seat across from you.
  8. Keep loose change from falling from your pocket and getting lost in the cracks of your chair.
  9. That expensive desk chair now collecting dust in the corner will last longer.
  10. Knock off a few thousand steps from your daily 10,000 step goal without really trying.

Now it's your turn. Standing desks: up or down?

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