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Top 10 Signs You Should Switch Registration Software Providers

Posted on Fri, October 16,2015 @ 13:50 PM

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Is your registration software not able to perform the essential task and management service you need? Here are ten signs you should switch registration software providers:
  1. Software provider was purchased by another organization and simply doesn’t exist anymore.
  2. Ambiguous or unclear language is used on the website to explain platform features.
  3. Payment gateway and security standards are not included in the software solution and the credit card processing isn’t compliant with PCI regulations.
  4. Automatic voice messaging system is used for customer service and support.
  5. A calculator and crystal ball are needed to figure out how much the registration software solution will cost each year.
  6. Registration form fields are not customizable for multiple variables or multiple events.
  7. A “ticket” is issued for set-up and training, and it takes take 4-6 weeks to implement the registration solution.
  8. Previous contact information (name, address, email, etc.) cannot be imported into the registration software.
  9. It isn’t possible to track attendance and CEU credits across attendees of multiple events.
  10. Registration agreement or contract includes “for life” verbiage.

Customers in the market for a registration software provider might discover a cookie-cutter solution doesn’t provide the needed functionality. Many prospects come to ABC Signup because their current provider simply can’t accommodate the level of functionality and service they expect. While software solutions share a lot in common, the differences in features and support require diligent discovery and investigation.

ABC Signup explains the relative painlessness of switching software providers in this FREE guide.

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We would love to better understand any issues you might be experiencing switching providers. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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