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Continuing Education: More Than Watercolor, Pottery, And Celine Dion

Posted on Tue, July 18,2017 @ 11:00 AM

Continuing Education (CE) is a massive umbrella term which includes just about anything education-related beyond high school and undergraduate studies. It’s impossible to assign a dollar amount to the CE industry when even reading a technical manual or a book on how to get along with a co-worker who constantly sings Celine Dion tunes could qualify as CE. But CE is a lot more than that, and it's a lot more than extended education or lifelong learning.

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School is not out for summer anymore

Posted on Wed, August 17,2016 @ 13:42 PM

Alice Cooper should consider revising his lyrics. Instead of “School’s out for summer,” perhaps the song should go “School’s out for part of summer, but then you need to get back here and prep for the ACT.”

Anymore, schools start back so early after the summer break that it almost doesn’t make sense to call it a summer break. It’s more like an early summer respite. The laminators in the classrooms have barely cooled down before teachers are back and setting up their classrooms again. Schools that used to begin in late August or after Labor Day are increasingly moving up their start dates. Many begin the first half of August; some in late July. Class registration often is scheduled for when families would be at the beach. Because school starts closer to mid-summer, it’s still dark out for some kids. That means their parents have to put up klieg lights just to see the scowls on the older kids’ faces when they take the perfunctory first-day-of-school photos.

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Instructor Training Still a Big Deal

Posted on Thu, June 9,2016 @ 11:00 AM

As purveyors of class registration software, we can’t help but notice all the love self-paced e-learning is getting these days. According to a 2015 report, 28.5 % of corporate training hours were delivered online or via computer technology with no instructor involved. The percentage has increased steadily in recent years. However, instructor-led training (ILT)—online or face-to-face— still remains the big dog with around 50% of all corporate training, depending on the source. Self-paced learning will never entirely replace ILT. Or if it does, you will have long forgotten this article. Still, we believe ILT is here to stay for a
number of reasons, including these:

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