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Events, Attendees Increase for ABC Signup Customers, Per Survey

Posted on Mon, July 27,2015 @ 9:43 AM

For the fifth consecutive year, ABC Signup’s registration software customers saw gains in the number of events they offered and attendance at those events, according to the company’s annual survey, conducted each year in June.

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7 Steps to Soothe Your Unhappy Customers

Posted on Mon, June 15,2015 @ 3:09 AM

Every organization experiences unhappy customers. How they are dealt with can make or break your customer service reputation, even more so than the bang-up job you may be doing with the majority of your happy customers.

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Five Steps to Better Pricing

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 17:03 PM

Pricing, especially for services, is an imperfect science. The multitude of variables involved makes it a difficult challenge for any organization. Price too high and run the risk of flagging sales and an “over-priced” stigma; price too low and leave money on the table while being perceived as delivering less value.

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