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Judging the Right Registration Software Fit

Posted on Tue, May 17,2016 @ 14:00 PM

Every university has a student information system, which is either custom built or an off-the-shelf
solution designed to address a range of needs. Though such systems are adept at handling processes like undergraduate class registration for the registrar’s office, they cannot always efficiently address unique needs that arise, often quickly, for individual departments or schools. Such needs demand a system that is a lot more agile than traditional student information software.

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7 Steps to Soothe Your Unhappy Customers

Posted on Mon, June 15,2015 @ 3:09 AM

Every organization experiences unhappy customers. How they are dealt with can make or break your customer service reputation, even more so than the bang-up job you may be doing with the majority of your happy customers.

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4 More Ways to Use Registration Software, Part IV

Posted on Thu, January 1,2015 @ 20:08 PM

Event registration software doesn’t register your new Mikasa drill, renew your driver’s license or give you voting privileges. And ABC Signup’s system still won’t get you into Regis & Kelly or whoever’s doing that show today.

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