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An often-forgotten key to event success

Posted on Thu, January 7,2016 @ 11:00 AM

Susan plans a continuing education opportunity for company employees. She has great ideas for everything from engaging subject matter to a smooth registration process. Now comes the part she has been putting off as long as possible: a ton of writing. She must craft promotional communications, curriculum, presentation materials, follow-up documentation and other items she hasn’t yet thought of. Writing is a critical part of any training success, but it’s often among the last parts of planning and promotion anyone thinks about.

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Registration Software and the Perfect Event

Posted on Fri, August 21,2015 @ 14:17 PM

So much work goes into planning and executing the perfect event, and sometimes even that isn’t enough.

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5 Easy Ways to Measure Event Success

Posted on Mon, June 15,2015 @ 3:08 AM

For anyone with a job and some accountability, measurement parameters exist to gauge how they are doing and push them to achieve more.

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