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Which Type of Registration Software Do You Really Need?

Posted on Wed, July 6,2016 @ 10:33 AM

Online registration software covers such a broad range of options that even the menu at Olive Garden is sparse by comparison. Dozens, if not hundreds, of software offerings fall under the broad heading of online registration. However, some solutions have less in common with each other than Abe Lincoln and
the nu metal band Linkin Park (although that would make a spectacular double bill).  As we’ve spelled out in this document, it helps to know what you’re looking for when you need something under the vast category of online registration. Here’s a brief list of primary types:


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An often-forgotten key to event success

Posted on Thu, January 7,2016 @ 11:00 AM

Susan plans a continuing education opportunity for company employees. She has great ideas for everything from engaging subject matter to a smooth registration process. Now comes the part she has been putting off as long as possible: a ton of writing. She must craft promotional communications, curriculum, presentation materials, follow-up documentation and other items she hasn’t yet thought of. Writing is a critical part of any training success, but it’s often among the last parts of planning and promotion anyone thinks about.

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Are your programs and events in need of a measuring stick?

Posted on Wed, October 21,2015 @ 15:49 PM


It’s one of the least sexy buzzwords still making the rounds of event and training “trend” forecasts. It seems too obvious to be viewed as anything new or game-changing, yet some of the experts cite it as one of the trends ready to rock the event and training sectors.

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